Christmas 2008 Photobooth

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Lauren and Papa - Christmas 2008

I was browsing my photostream on flickr and came across the photobooth images I did for Christmas 2008. We would normally do the group family photo, but I wanted to try something a little different.

I set up my camera on a tripod in front of a couch, and supplied a remote control to fire the shutter after 2 seconds. I set up a drape behind the couch to keep the background uniform. Everyone was instructed to take at least 3 or 4 photos of themselves, or sitting with someone else. They were encouraged to take more than that if they wanted to. Continue Reading »

Words from some people he worked with

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I’ve received a couple of messages from people that once worked with my dad. I thought it’d be nice to share them…

From Mare

I knew Horst from working at Lightolier. What a great person he was. He delighted our days at work. Horst will be remembered.

From Tony

I am the friend of Horst’s in Taiwan since he worked for Lightolier, then become a friend at Flickr. Horst told me a little bit about you, and his talent on photography was inspired from you. He is very proud of that.

We have done a lot of great things when we worked together and I personally learned a lot from him also. We normally communicated thru Flickr, but lost since last month.

I suddenly heard from his collegue yesterday that he was passed away few days ago and shocked. I was very sad to hear that and please express my condolence to your family. If anything I can do, please feel free to let me know.

An interview with a Flickr contact

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This interview popped up in the comments on the last photo in his stream. I remember reading this years ago… so glad the author (Angela Lobefaro) posted the link!

First time he held his first grandson

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The first time holding his first grandson

My heart was filled with so much emotion, when I introduced JJ to Papa and mommy.  I knew Papa was thinking about the photos he was going to take of JJ and he took some priceless ones.  That is one thing I am going to miss deeply; my Papa, capturing the innocence of my son, his grandson, JJ in his photos.

– Stephanie

More comments from Flickr

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Up, up and away...

Some comments from the last photo in his flickr photostream. I can assure you that the family does read them all.

From *Gracie

Oh no!!!!!

I had to take a longer than expected leave from Flickr and am just finding out this sad news. Horst was one of my first contacts and a beloved member of this community.

One of the best things that happened to me was stumbling upon Horst’s magical photo stream. He had an enthusiastic passion for capturing and creating the most unique images – the anticipation of each new post was consistently met with the satisfaction of yet another masterpiece.

He always had the ability of making everyone feel special and as if their images alone were the best photos ever taken. He never missed an opportunity to compliment others with his wonderful words of wisdom and humor, a real treasure for those of us on the receiving end. It was an honor to have him as a friend. Continue Reading »

Stories From The Big Book

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I posted this photo on my flickr stream a few days ago, and wrote about what it meant to me. I wanted to repeat it here; maybe expand on it a bit as well. This photo here is special to me, perhaps even one of my most favorite photos I’ve taken of him… because it reminds me of my father reading to me when I was a child.

When I was a young boy, I remember a tradition in our house at bedtime. My father would read us kids a story at bedtime. I’m not sure how long it actually lasted, but the times I do recall where from when I was between 7 and 10 years old. Now this wasn’t your typical story from a book, this was a story from an imaginary book.
Continue Reading »

Some random Flickr comments

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A comment from bdec on a photo that I posted.

Horst inspired and encouraged me and any others with his creativity, humor and friendship. He will be missed. My sincerest condolences to you and the rest of the family.

A comment from tv writer on the same photo:

Your Dad was an amazing man – kind, talented, warm and funny.
He will be missed.

A comment from L’embellie on the same photo:

I join my words to all his Flickr friends to offer to you and your family my deepest condolences, Neil. Horst was a sunshine in our life – a wonderful friend and a great photographer. Will miss him so much…

Sometimes these brief little statements say so much.


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while playing with our grandson J.J. a few month ago, I happened to look up & couldn’t resist grabbing his little rake to do a little gardening in the sky……

previously published on flickr

Flickr Tributes & Contest

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Photo by Flickr user Dragan*

Many of you know that my father was devoted to and the people he knew there. He had made many friends in the online community there over the 4+ years he was on it. Those friends have created some areas on Flickr to pay tribute to and memorialize him. I’m sure there are many many more that the handful I have listed here. It’s clear that he had made a lasting impression in the friendships he forged at Flickr, and it’s really nice to see these tributes. Continue Reading »

Flickr testimonial from jude

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From Horst’s flickr profile page:

horst is truly the master of all he surveys. his ‘sky magic’ defies compare. it is a sheer, and addictive delight, that a full grown being, with grandchildren–whom he adores–can continually fire up his imagination to entertain us with his mastery of all things seen through his lenses.

horst takes the completely common in life, and extracts the essence of its most uncommon qualities and attributes. he adds a unique layer of magic to the mundane–inspiring the rest of us to endeavor to do the same. for me–and for many others i am certain–flickr is a more magical place with horst here.

horst’s enlightened sense of humor inspires us to banter with him–in our photo streams–daily. thank you horst, and a special thanks to your handsome cast of characters and models who make marvelous guest appearances in your photo stream. an endless source of enchanting wonder.