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Posted May 20th, 2010 in General and tagged , , by neil

Photo by Flickr user Dragan*

Many of you know that my father was devoted to flickr.com and the people he knew there. He had made many friends in the online community there over the 4+ years he was on it. Those friends have created some areas on Flickr to pay tribute to and memorialize him. I’m sure there are many many more that the handful I have listed here. It’s clear that he had made a lasting impression in the friendships he forged at Flickr, and it’s really nice to see these tributes.

A discussion thread in a group he frequented

In Memory of *hb19 Group

A handful of personal galleries featuring his photos, or just paying tribute:

In the Super Eco group, they are having a contest from 5/22 through 6/5 for photos that are inspired by his SKYplay set of photos:

– – Neil

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  1. Adriana says:

    A excellent person , really a friend that it´s necessary to remember!! I will miss you!! HORST!!!! I will never forget you!!!