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Up, up and away...

Some comments from the last photo in his flickr photostream. I can assure you that the family does read them all.

From *Gracie

Oh no!!!!!

I had to take a longer than expected leave from Flickr and am just finding out this sad news. Horst was one of my first contacts and a beloved member of this community.

One of the best things that happened to me was stumbling upon Horst’s magical photo stream. He had an enthusiastic passion for capturing and creating the most unique images – the anticipation of each new post was consistently met with the satisfaction of yet another masterpiece.

He always had the ability of making everyone feel special and as if their images alone were the best photos ever taken. He never missed an opportunity to compliment others with his wonderful words of wisdom and humor, a real treasure for those of us on the receiving end. It was an honor to have him as a friend.

My condolences to Horst’s family and loved ones. Thanks so much for leaving his photo stream up so we can continue to enjoy the passion he shared through his photographs and commentary.

Goodbye, my sweet Horst.

From Sabinche

i am deeply shocked and my heart cries!
i just learned that he passed away.
i am so sorry for you all, the whole family.
i did know him so long – he always made me laugh and i loved his humor. i will keep his last e-mail sending to me as a memory.
he will stay in my heart.
such a loss……..! 🙁

From janoid

What a beautiful shot, and so perfect for his final picture here on flickr.
My heart is with all of you in his family….
….Horst left us all so much richer for having shared his wonderful friendship and his love of life, color, light, and beauty. We will miss him dearly, but he will always be in our hearts.

Thank you for this magnificent tribute.

From Steve Stone

Horst was one of the kindest and friendliest Flickr members I have known. He always made an effort to visit my photostream. He always encouraged and was so positive about everything. He made me look for photo opprotunities I might have missed.
I always loved seeing his photos and ideas. He remains one of my favourite influences. And I will miss him.

From Lees2dent

I don’t believe I’ve ever cried over someone who I have not met before, but today I did. Horst was the epitome of a true Flickr Friend, he will be greatly missed, as will his comments, he was never stingy with his visits or nice words. I will be saying prayers for your family through this time of loss . . .

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  1. Jan says:

    So glad we have a place to call home for Horst’s friends to meet up and keep him and the memories of him alive for ever and ever.
    I’m sad but also happy that I got to know the great man.

  2. Carlo E. Serrano says:

    I will never forget this man I call “My Barrio Brother”. He was not just a friend, he was family. It’s hard to understand how a man could love another man and yet never met in person. But it was his heart and gentle words of love and humility that I love about him. I was planning one day to meet him… and one day we will both shoot together… as tears flow from my eyes and as words are hard to say…

    I miss you sweet friend… and this man loves you.

    Carlos Enrique Serrano