A message from Susan in Taiwan

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I received a handful of messages from some friends he’d made over the years at work. It is so awesome to know that there are people who knew him even before I was born that still think of him, and took the time to send me messages or comment on this site. I want to post them all here and share them for everyone to see. Also, there were some comments on this previous post from some coworkers… please go read them.

This first one is all the way from Taiwan, from a co-worker that had kept in touch with him for years after they worked together. I remember my dad talking about her, and I also remember that she would send Christmas gifts to my daughter and I’d always thought that was so sweet for someone to do that.

Dear Neil,

No words can express the deep sorrow I felt when I heard of the loss of your father. I am Susan Wu, a friend of the Bernhart family in Taiwan. Rose might still remember me. I worked with Horst when he was with Lightolier, which was the most wonderful time of my career life. He acted as a father and a teacher to me that I couldn’t ever find a special person like him in the world. I quit the job for many years, but we still kept sharing with each other whatever happened in our life & families through e-mail. And, that is why I know the story about your family.

With my personal business established about four (4) years ago, I had been too busy to keep talking to him that I felt so regret. One of the mornings just in the last week, the name, “Horst Bernhart”, that I have been familiar with was suddenly popping up from my brain. I thought that Horst might be “complaining” about my lost contact for years, and thus I was planning to give him a surprise for his birthday this year.

It is unbelievable that I received the notice of his passing away instead from one of my former co-workers this morning. I was so shocked and sad, I read every single comment at the memorial site from all who cherish his memory, and for sure, I am one of them. The photos and Christmas cards/gifts he sent me from the past years evoked happy memories to me, as he is still there saying “We are friends for life”.

Neil, please kindly extend my heartfelt condolences to Rose and your family members. May God give your family courage in this hour of darkness.

Your sincerely,
Susan Wu

Thank you Susan for sending this note to me and my family.

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