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Posted June 2nd, 2010 in Published Photos and tagged , , by neil

Horst had four photos used for a hard cover book published by Sterling Publishing titled Focus: Love (ISBN 978-1-60059-563-9)

It’s a great little book that is full of images that show heart-shaped objects, both naturally occurring and also hand created. One of his photos is actually used on the cover (yellow flowers with a heart-shaped cloud in the sky). He surprised us last Christmas with the book… actually he surprised my daughter, Lauren, with a copy and kept one for himself. The rest of us were just so surprised that his photos were in a book. I was so thrilled for him. I will for sure be buying my own copy of it!

Here are the four photos of his that were published in the book:

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  1. Kiki says:

    About this book! I had to look it up immediately!

    What a great, lovely and wonderful collection…. I ordered my copy right away on Amazon France! It’s of course much more expensive in France but I can’t wait to pour my heart in and over it – and I shall especially treasure your dad’s contributions….! There is hardly a day I don’t send some loving thoughts his way and I am sure that, wherever he is now, he’s watching down on his beloved ones, he’s watching over you and your children just as he did when he was still around…

    I have many friends who communicate in one way or another with their partners who are in the realms of eternity and it’s sometimes just a tiny little ‘gesture’, a happening, a moment or just a special look, thought or a ‘wave’ that gives strength, courage, joy and happiness anew.

    This little book will contribute in a big way to heart felt feelings, just as my own private (and quite large) heart collection (stones, nature stuff, chocolates, cut-outs etc. etc.) is a wonderful thing for me and – then for those who get my cards.

    So, if we can share joy with a book like this, we should do it! Thank you for sharing this knowledge with us; your father was a truly special man and a great soul!

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