Field Of Daisies

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This is a previously unpublished photo that Horst took; the first one that we’re putting on his site. I’m not quite sure why he hadn’t put it up on flickr, because I think it looks fantastic. He always was so fascinated with shallow depth of field and bokeh in photographs. Perhaps it wasn’t technically up to par with what he was trying for. Regardless, I believe that it is worthy of displaying on this site.

Way back to 1974

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For more details on this photo, please see my family site over here.

Designer & Inventor

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Track Light Patent 1997

As I’ve mentioned before, Horst studied Industrial Design in college and made his career doing just that in the lighting industry. Also mentioned before was that he was very humble. Personally, I had not known about the handful of U.S. Patents that had his name on them. Throughout his career with Lightolier, and subsequently Genlyte, he had worked on several unique designs that company patented. These were for the company to benefit from, but they have his name on them. My mother tells me that with every patent that he developed, the company gave him shares of stock in return.

It wasn’t until recent years that I’d found these patents… oddly enough, by googling his name out of┬ácuriosity. In fact, the track light you see in the thumbnail image here… I have five of those installed on a Lightolier track in my own living room and I didn’t even know his name was on their patent.

Knowing that his name is forever attached to design patents makes me proud, and now I think of him every time I turn my living room lights on.

Here is a link that shows you all of the patents that have his name on them.“Horst+Bernhart”)&fq=data_source:USPTO&sort=doc_date%20desc

Showing his TLC

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Holding a sleeping 6 wk old Brody. (c. July, 2008)

Another one of my favorite photos of my father. Here he’s holding my son, Brody, who was just a tiny little 6-week-old at the time. I’m so glad that I got this photo of him being so tender and loving. It’s a perfect representation of how much he loved all of his grandchildren.

I have some photos of him from when all of us kids were tiny like this. I’ll be scanning them in and posting them soon.

Gymnastics Photos

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on the pommel horse (New York, c. early 1960s)

Horst was a fitness nut his whole life, all the way up until the end. Gymnastics, running, biking, triathlons… he did them all. Even up until April 2010, he went on daily walks through the local golf course at dawn.

From when I was just a little boy, I remember him being an avid runner; waking up super early in the New York suburbs to go running in the morning before we went to school for the day. Actually, I mostly remember him returning from his runs, because he would wake up well before all of us kids. In the winters he would wear a beanie and some thick white cotton gloves to keep warm. I called them his Mickey Mouse gloves. Continue Reading »

A Popular Person

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My main goal for putting up this web site was so that my father’s memory can be seen by friends and family who knew him, for those who care to search and find it, or even for those who just stumble upon it randomly. Since I put this tribute site together, I have been tracking the activity on it. On the first day the site was up, there were 174 visitors on the site that viewed over 1000 pages, the majority of them from people who came from a link that we left on his last flickr photo.

After the first month, I checked out the statistics and I am just amazed at the Continue Reading »