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Posted July 5th, 2010 in General by neil

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My main goal for putting up this web site was so that my father’s memory can be seen by friends and family who knew him, for those who care to search and find it, or even for those who just stumble upon it randomly. Since I put this tribute site together, I have been tracking the activity on it. On the first day the site was up, there were 174 visitors on the site that viewed over 1000 pages, the majority of them from people who came from a link that we left on his last flickr photo.

After the first month, I checked out the statistics and I am just amazed at the numbers. Click on the small thumbnail image to see the graph of the activity.

  • Over 1400 visits (905 unique visitors)
  • Over 6300 pages viewed (4.5 pages per visit)

So, this means that over 900 different people came to visit his memorial site over the first month. This is simply amazing to me.

That initial spike in activity, as mentioned, was primarily visits from the loyal contacts and followers of his photos on flickr.com. You can also see another spike around the end of May. I think that is when the site found it’s way to his former colleagues that he worked with over the years.

A wonderful side effect of having this site has been the many kind messages I’ve received. These have been messages of condolence from those who knew him as well as those who knew him only online, as well as shared memories from those who’s lives were affected by my father. I share each and every one of these notes with my mother and siblings. I consider this a bonus for having this web site; I would not likely have received most of those messages, and in turn, my family would not have seen them either.

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to come see this site.

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  1. If the letters you’ve received from friends and colleagues from long ago have touched me, I can only imagine how beautifully meaningful they are to you, Neil.