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Track Light Patent 1997

As I’ve mentioned before, Horst studied Industrial Design in college and made his career doing just that in the lighting industry. Also mentioned before was that he was very humble. Personally, I had not known about the handful of U.S. Patents that had his name on them. Throughout his career with Lightolier, and subsequently Genlyte, he had worked on several unique designs that company patented. These were for the company to benefit from, but they have his name on them. My mother tells me that with every patent that he developed, the company gave him shares of stock in return.

It wasn’t until recent years that I’d found these patents… oddly enough, by googling his name out of┬ácuriosity. In fact, the track light you see in the thumbnail image here… I have five of those installed on a Lightolier track in my own living room and I didn’t even know his name was on their patent.

Knowing that his name is forever attached to design patents makes me proud, and now I think of him every time I turn my living room lights on.

Here is a link that shows you all of the patents that have his name on them.


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  1. dannie says:

    I’m amazed, but somehow not surprised…..
    I hope you all are well.

  2. P.J.McAdie says:

    That is so cool. And such a wonderful way to think of him – when you turn on your lights!

    I loved it when Horst would play with lights in his photo studio (the garage). Seems he had a deep understanding of the importance of light!

    His light shines on – in many ways.

  3. Kiki says:

    Loved reading about his inventions…. how come I am not surprised (or only a little)? He was just such an outstanding person that everything seemed possible.
    Very much agree with Trish – his light shines on – so true….

  4. Tim Cowdell says:

    That’s pretty amazing indeed. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I still remember lighting store commercials over the radio talking about track lighting from Lightolier. Horst was a good Flickr Friend he commented often on my images. He is missed.