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on the pommel horse (New York, c. early 1960s)

Horst was a fitness nut his whole life, all the way up until the end. Gymnastics, running, biking, triathlons… he did them all. Even up until April 2010, he went on daily walks through the local golf course at dawn.

From when I was just a little boy, I remember him being an avid runner; waking up super early in the New York suburbs to go running in the morning before we went to school for the day. Actually, I mostly remember him returning from his runs, because he would wake up well before all of us kids. In the winters he would wear a beanie and some thick white cotton gloves to keep warm. I called them his Mickey Mouse gloves.

Horst, center, with friends Dieter and Helmut. (Australia, c. mid 1970s)

Later on he got into cycling a little bit, and did some mini triathlons even. I also remember him having a go at roller blading after his doctor told him that he should stop running so much.

Gymnastics was a huge part of growing up for us kids. We were introduced to gymnastics at a very young age, as both of our parents were gymnasts themselves. That’s actually how they met in New York City… at a gymnastics/social club. So, I thought I would post some photos of him as a gymnast when he was younger.

Young Horst on the rings (New York, c. late 1950s)

Young Horst, front row, center right. (New York, c. late 1950s)

Young Horst on the high bar. (New York, c. late 1950s)

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  1. Jan says:

    wonderful pictures.

    • David Lev says:

      Great shots, thanks for sharing!!
      This explains his early morning shots as we often viewed on Flickr