Showing his TLC

Posted July 14th, 2010 in Photos of Horst and tagged by neil

Holding a sleeping 6 wk old Brody. (c. July, 2008)

Another one of my favorite photos of my father. Here he’s holding my son, Brody, who was just a tiny little 6-week-old at the time. I’m so glad that I got this photo of him being so tender and loving. It’s a perfect representation of how much he loved all of his grandchildren.

I have some photos of him from when all of us kids were tiny like this. I’ll be scanning them in and posting them soon.

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  1. dannie says:

    What a nice image of this sweet and gentle man. I still miss Horst every time I flickr……

  2. Kiki says:

    Neil; on July 14th I went off for a holiday and I haven’t had any time or chance to come back to the memorial site since. I now find this utterly touching photo which makes my heart ache with the love, the TLC and the world of GOOD it displays.
    And I am the same as Dannie – I still look out, unconsciously, for the icon of your dad’s photos, his writings…. and I still miss him like I miss my other dear friends I have lost – although Horst was the only virtual friend. Thank you for this tender beauty!