Happy Birthday Papa

Posted October 4th, 2010 in Photos of Horst and tagged by neil

Jones Beach, New York c. 1979

Today would have been his 71st birthday. It’s his first birthday without him, and we’re all thinking of him… and missing him so much.

My son, Brody, is Horsts youngest grandson. Brody is unlikely to remember interaction with his Papa since he wasn’t quite 2 years old when Papa left us. Because of this, Melanie and I take every opportunity to show Brody photos of his Papa and to talk to Papa’s photos. We’re lucky to have such great photos of him throughout the years.

My daughter, Lauren, is his oldest grandchild… and only granddaughter. I’m so glad that they had many years to know each other. She will always know where I get my crazy/fun side from (see attached ‘snake charmer’ photo for evidence).

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  1. stephanie s. says:

    Priceless Neil, love you very much :):)

  2. Kiki says:

    how wonderful – such fun….. and such happy memories, together with a tear in the buttonhole as Erich Kaestner said….
    My birthday is next week and I would say that Horst was in v. good company… lol!
    CELEBRATE his day, don’t be sad – he wouldn’t want you to be miserable… Thanks for this great little series.
    Happy Birthday, dear Horst – may the angels sing for you… 🙂

  3. Jan says:

    Happy Birthday Horst – thinking of you my friend:))))

  4. David Lev says:

    Great photos…I’m sure he is proud of you his children!!!
    Horst…You are on my mind