Zabriskie Silhouette

This is a previously unpublished photo.

In March, 2010, Horst took a weekend trip out to Death Valley, CA with his wife. He had talked about doing it for years as he wanted to photograph the scenery… and finally, they decided to get out there. This was his last big “photo outing” before he began to get ill. There are many, many photographs that he took on this trip, and he wasn’t able to process all of them. I remember him showing me this one in particular. He did very little processing on this one; I think maybe just some contrast adjustment. The composition is pretty much how he shot it. I find that it has so much visual impact; the strong diagonal lines, the placement of the subject.

It is a testament to how he saw and photographed things. There were many photographers out there that morning, waiting for the right light to hit the hills and give them that perfect shot. He took that time and saw this simple shot of one of them waiting.


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  1. He saw things that most of us missed and in sharing his viewpoint, encouraged us to examine more carefully what we’re looking at or to find a different way of expression.

  2. Kiki says:

    immensly touching. Hort got his priorities right – till the end 🙂 He won’t need to wait for the ‘perfect moment’ any longer. His every moment is perfect now!

    @Mim: wonderful comment!

  3. David Lev says:

    Excellent shot! So much Horst great style!!

  4. Donna R. says:

    I always learned so much from his photos, and it’s amazing that even now, I still learn, and enjoy his work.

    Thank you for sharing.

  5. dannie says:

    So perfectly Horst. An unmatched blend of technical excellence and artistic vision. I am so glad you are sharing this…

  6. Linda says:

    Thanks for sharing this spectacular image!
    I miss him so much,Flickr is not as much fun without his inspiring compositions!