College Era Photos

Posted December 22nd, 2010 in Memories of Horst, Photos of Horst and tagged , , by neil

A couple of months back in early October, I received some emails from two of Horst’s college classmates from back in Connecticut. First it was Bob Balaban who sent me an email, which I posted here. Then he got me in touch with Bob Pekar, who had re-connected with my dad back in 1989 and stayed in contact over emails throughout the years until the month before he passed. Bob P. explained that their freshman class of the University of Bridgeport Industrial Design was 30+ students. When they graduated in 1962, there were only 7 of them remaining.

Bob P. shared this with me in one of his emails:

I loved his photos and told him his talent was a toss up between design and photography. The love he had for your family and nature really comes out in the photos. Since receiving the sad news, thoughts of the good times at school and the many e-mails with photos and jokes we shared over the years keep coming to mind. Although we haven’t met face to face since graduation, I will sincerely miss him. We were seven … now we are five.

Bob P. had some photos of a pre-graduation outing at their Professor’s house in May of 1962. I know for sure that I’d never seen these photos before, but I’m not sure if my mother had seen them. Either way, I thought that it would be a nice Christmas treat to share them with my siblings and family… and for them to see photos of him that we’d never seen before.

A huge thank you to Bob Pekar and Bob Balaban!

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  1. stephanie s. says:

    This means a lot to see these photo’s we have never
    seen….these are priceless in my broken heart, yet they seem to
    make my heart warm, seeing my Dad’s fun, loving personality shine
    through in these photo’s. Much love to Bob P. & Bob B. for
    sharing these wonderful photo’s… Lots of Love, Stephanie, Horst’s
    daughter 🙂

  2. Linda says:

    Thanks for sharing these photos,each one makes me smile!