Light up my life

My mother has been starting to post previously un-posted photos of Horst’s to her flickr stream. I will be posting them all here as well. The other day she came across a few that he took way back in January of 2008. He had begun to experiment with ‘painting with light’ after being inspired by one of his flickr friends.

She guesses that he had planned to post one of them on Valentine’s Day that year, but decided on a different photo. Cannot pass up an opportunity to share such a great photo with everyone!! Happy Valentine’s Day!

(Sorry for the long delay in posts, it’s been a busy few months.)


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  1. Linda says:

    A magical and beautiful creation!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Kiki says:

    I’ve got (finally!!!!) the lovely heart book with Horst’s contributions…. ordered it to some friends (UK) address and could only go and get it end of January…. was thinking of you all yesterday (and of many, many of my friends who have nothing remotely ‘Valentine like’ to think about) – was handing out some stems of tiny red/yellow roses on Sunday to those who had nobody who’s caring about them…..
    Luckily, Horst was and is loved and luckily you, the family and friends, are loved by so many here and there – and so many good thoughts go daily to you.

  3. TIO... says:

    First of all thank you for mentioning me with my barrio brother… Ironically it was HIM that inspired me… it was HIS comments that I cherish and approval of my shots…

    His genius to details was without comparison… My regret was not being able to touch him… as he has touched my heart…

    I will meet him one day…


    • Neil says:

      Hi Tio! Thanks for the comment. I need to post some more photos of him as a young man in NYC. I’ll do that soon.

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