Some of his last photos taken


My mother found a few photos in the catalog my dad kept on his computer. These photos are a few of the last ones that he took, on April 17th of 2010… one year ago this past Sunday. He was working on taking photos of everyday items that were in the shape of a letter.

Although they’re not anything really special, it’s nice to take a look back to see what he was doing at that time.


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  1. Yes, I remember how clever he was!!! Always made me smile to see his postings!!!

  2. Carolyn Whiteside says:

    Flickr is just not the same without him; I miss his creative shots and his warm sense of humor! Thanks for sharing a part of him with us.

  3. Kiki says:

    what letter would the rose bow have been? i thought of him last week and wondered if it would soon be one year he left us…
    thinking of you