Missing My Papa

Posted August 29th, 2011 in General, Memories of Horst by Stephanie

I wake thinking of him, I go to sleep remembering him, in my dreams I love to see him and I do. It’s been over a year that my Papa has passed and it still hurts. I needed to see a photo, so I came here….when I need to hear his voice, I go to his Flickr page and play a video of him encouraging my J.J. to swim, it warms my heart. Loving & missing you Papa 🙂

Your daughter,


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  1. Suzie Rose says:

    It breaks my heart to read your note, Stephanie, and makes me miss not only your Papa – who I think about EVERY single time I log onto Flickr – but it makes me miss my Dad (who I lost when I was 17 years old – more than 40+ years ago).
    Be well, Stephanie…glad you get to see him in your dreams!
    xo Suzie

  2. Kiki says:

    Stephanie; you won’t believe this but TODAY I thought of your dad too – with no particular reason just because…. 🙂
    I too think of my father nearly every day – it hurts a bit less after a (long) time but in your case you’re reminded particularly when you’re going on flickr….
    Let me give you a cuddle, a hug and a kiss – your dad wouldn’t want to come back believe me; let this console you – and dreaming of one’s father is a beautiful thing!
    Love, Kiki

  3. mimbrava says:

    How lovely that your Papa comes to you in your dreams, Stephanie. It’s been 23 years since my dad died, and I miss him every day, and that’s a good thing because it shows how much I loved him. May your heart always be full of wonderful memories of your special dad.

  4. Cheryl C. says:

    Dear Stephanie,
    I still remember your Papa with great joy. Last week I was looking for a photo on my stream and I came across his comment. that was it. I started looking for more. It only reminded me more of his gentle and kind spirit. What a wonder he was. You will miss him but those dreams are so delicious. I have them of my Mom.
    Sending a warm hug your way today. xoxo