About Horst
In late April, 2010, he was diagnosed with advanced stage Esophageal Cancer and was only given a few months. Complications from the cancer caused a heart attack in early May, which was followed shortly by a stroke. He left us in the early morning hours of May 12, 2010… just two weeks after being diagnosed, and only 2 months after he first noticed real symptoms.

The family was lucky enough to have some time with him to tell him what we wanted him to hear, and to hear what he wanted to say to us. During his last week he was surrounded by family. He was at peace, and I’m sure he was loving the sound of his grandsons running around the house.

But, this site is to celebrate how he lived and touched so many people during his lifetime. For real descriptions of what kind of person Horst was, you need only read a few of the items in the Memories Of Horst category on this site. These accounts from people who knew him will paint for you the portrait of the man he was, and will always be remembered for.

He made his career as an industrial designer working in the lighting industry. During this span of 40+ years, his career endeavors brought the family from New York to Australia, back to New York, out to California, back east to Massachusetts… and he eventually settled with his wife in the high desert of Southern California. The majority of that time he worked for Lightolier. Even after he retired, he consulted for Lightolier in their Southern California branch as he was not content without doing some sort of work.

In his retirement, he took up photography as a hobby. I introduced him to the photo sharing web site Flickr.com. He took very quickly to the social camaraderie aspect of the site and his creative, funny and inventive photo styles won him many followers on the site. He made quite a few “online friends” through Flickr, and it was a very big part of his routine to share his photos and involve himself in the social networking aspect of the community by commenting and providing feedback to others daily. He often mentioned that he would see things as if looking through a camera viewfinder.

The family has many many photos from throughout the years with him and even more memories of him.

He raised four children with his wife. He was devoted to being a fantastic father, and spent most of his adult life raising one child with Autism in a time that not much was known about it. Some have asked if there is a charity that the family would like donations be made in his honor. If this is something that you’d like to do, please visit the Autism Society of America web site and donate in his memory.

– Neil

About This Site
This site is a dedication to a man who was loved by so many people. A dedicated husband for 45 years, devoted father, loving grandfather, and all-around good person.

His children wanted to have a way of memorializing their father. To ensure that his legacy would be documented for the ages and for anyone who may be interested in knowing how great of a person he was.

The content of this site will consist of memories of Horst from family and submitted by anyone who would like to share a story, photos of Horst taken by family and anyone who would like to share them… along with photographs that were taken by Horst but so far unpublished anywhere.

Horst’s youngest son, Neil, will be maintaining the content of the site. Neil and his mother will also be curating the previously unpublished photographs.

If you have any questions, or would like to share a story or photo of Horst… please contact Neil via email: neil@horstbernhart.com.