Some of his last photos taken

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My mother found a few photos in the catalog my dad kept on his computer. These photos are a few of the last ones that he took, on April 17th of 2010… one year ago this past Sunday. He was working on taking photos of everyday items that were in the shape of a letter.

Although they’re not anything really special, it’s nice to take a look back to see what he was doing at that time.


Light up my life

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My mother has been starting to post previously un-posted photos of Horst’s to her flickr stream. I will be posting them all here as well. The other day she came across a few that he took way back in January of 2008. He had begun to experiment with ‘painting with light’ after being inspired by one of his flickr friends.

She guesses that he had planned to post one of them on Valentine’s Day that year, but decided on a different photo. Cannot pass up an opportunity to share such a great photo with everyone!! Happy Valentine’s Day!

(Sorry for the long delay in posts, it’s been a busy few months.)


Zabriskie Silhouette

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This is a previously unpublished photo.

In March, 2010, Horst took a weekend trip out to Death Valley, CA with his wife. He had talked about doing it for years as he wanted to photograph the scenery… and finally, they decided to get out there. This was his last big “photo outing” before he began to get ill. There are many, many photographs that he took on this trip, and he wasn’t able to process all of them. I remember him showing me this one in particular. He did very little processing on this one; I think maybe just some contrast adjustment. The composition is pretty much how he shot it. I find that it has so much visual impact; the strong diagonal lines, the placement of the subject.

It is a testament to how he saw and photographed things. There were many photographers out there that morning, waiting for the right light to hit the hills and give them that perfect shot. He took that time and saw this simple shot of one of them waiting.


Memorial Wall

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This is a previously unpublished photo.

In March, 2010 Horst went to visit a 3/4 scale replica of the Vietnam War Memorial Wall. It’s known as the Dignity Vietnam Memorial Wall and is toured all over North America by Service Corporation International. I remember him showing me this photo on his computer, and I was taken aback at how moving the image is. He was very proud of this image.


Field Of Daisies

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This is a previously unpublished photo that Horst took; the first one that we’re putting on his site. I’m not quite sure why he hadn’t put it up on flickr, because I think it looks fantastic. He always was so fascinated with shallow depth of field and bokeh in photographs. Perhaps it wasn’t technically up to par with what he was trying for. Regardless, I believe that it is worthy of displaying on this site.

tiny bubbles

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it was a warm 82 degrees, after completing my gardening, I treated myself to a beer & look what I saw through the bottle!!!

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while playing with our grandson J.J. a few month ago, I happened to look up & couldn’t resist grabbing his little rake to do a little gardening in the sky……

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golden morning hour

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there’s a certain peacefulness early in the morning on my favorite golf course. please view large to really experience this atmosphere…it will take you there.

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let’s paint the town

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don’t you wish sometimes you could change the image of your town……???…..well then, here’s your chance…….what do you want it to be…..???

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Woody & His Magnificent Flying Machine

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hearing all the bad news about “cancelled flights” ……Woody took matters into his own hands & built this “Ultralight”….he took off early this morning in his home-made ‘Flying Machine”…..heading towards Cape May, New Jersey………where he had soooo much fun last year with all the Flickr ladies………this time he’ll be meeting with: JudeLucyJanTrishLauriePaulinaMaureen……..

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