Flickr testimonial from jude

Posted May 18th, 2010 in Flickr Testimonial by neil

From Horst’s flickr profile page:

horst is truly the master of all he surveys. his ‘sky magic’ defies compare. it is a sheer, and addictive delight, that a full grown being, with grandchildren–whom he adores–can continually fire up his imagination to entertain us with his mastery of all things seen through his lenses.

horst takes the completely common in life, and extracts the essence of its most uncommon qualities and attributes. he adds a unique layer of magic to the mundane–inspiring the rest of us to endeavor to do the same. for me–and for many others i am certain–flickr is a more magical place with horst here.

horst’s enlightened sense of humor inspires us to banter with him–in our photo streams–daily. thank you horst, and a special thanks to your handsome cast of characters and models who make marvelous guest appearances in your photo stream. an endless source of enchanting wonder.