Happy Birthday Papa

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I took these photos back in spring of 2005, on our last trip to Brianhead, Utah. We used to go every year back in the late ’80s/early ’90s… probably 5 or 6 years straight. This last trip was extra fun because I took Lauren and Melanie along for their first time there. The girls took some snowboarding lessons, and my dad and I had some fun riding the slopes together.

Horst loved to snowboard, but unlike most skiers-turned-snowboarders, he still enjoyed skiing as well. So, he would rent a board on a day he would spend boarding. He definitely held his own on the slopes, and even though he fractured his ankle once while doing it a few years before this trip… he still got back out on the board.

Happy Birthday, Papa. We all miss you and love you so much.

Some Photos On Father’s Day

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Thinking of Papa on this Father’s Day, and enjoying time with my own kids. I thought I’d share a few photos.

This is one of my favorite photos of my dad with me and my brothers. He set the camera up on a tripod and got this self group-portrait.

Papa with boys. Australia, c. 1973

Here’s one that he took of himself with daughter, Stephanie… out fishing.

Stephanie and Papa. Australia, c. 1974

One Year

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Papa getting photos of Brody in the sandbox. Nov, 2009

It’s tough to put into words how it feels for this milestone to arrive; One year has gone by since he’s passed. Although it may sound like a cliche figure-of-speech, but I can truly say that there has not been a day gone by that I have not thought about him. Some days it is all consuming, others it’s a surge that comes in quick and fades out slowly.

We all miss him dearly, but what was unexpected to me was how much I miss his voice. I remember that when he called me on the phone, I would answer and he would greet me with “Hi, this is Horst”… as if I were a work colleague.  I always got a kick out of that, and would actually laugh out loud when he did it. A few months after he passed I had called the home phone at my mom’s house, and his voice was still on the machine. Continue Reading »

College Era Photos

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A couple of months back in early October, I received some emails from two of Horst’s college classmates from back in Connecticut. First it was Bob Balaban who sent me an email, which I posted here. Then he got me in touch with Bob Pekar, who had re-connected with my dad back in 1989 and stayed in contact over emails throughout the years until the month before he passed. Bob P. explained that their freshman class of the University of Bridgeport Industrial Design was 30+ students. When they graduated in 1962, there were only 7 of them remaining.

Bob P. shared this with me in one of his emails:

I loved his photos and told him his talent was a toss up between design and photography. The love he had for your family and nature really comes out in the photos. Since receiving the sad news, thoughts of the good times at school and the Continue Reading »

Happy Birthday Papa

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Jones Beach, New York c. 1979

Today would have been his 71st birthday. It’s his first birthday without him, and we’re all thinking of him… and missing him so much.

My son, Brody, is Horsts youngest grandson. Brody is unlikely to remember interaction with his Papa since he wasn’t quite 2 years old when Papa left us. Because of this, Melanie and I take every opportunity to show Brody photos of his Papa and to talk to Papa’s photos. We’re lucky to have such great photos of him throughout the years. Continue Reading »

With his first kid, and one of his favorite cars

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Horst with his first child, daughter Stephanie. c. 1966 Germany

Here’s a nice photo of Horst with his first-born of four children, daughter Stephanie. One thing that my father and I had in common was that we were both 25 years old when we had our first child, and we both had a daughter first. Well, he had just turned 26 one month before she was born, but close enough. I always thought that was pretty cool; I would love to compare my current age to how old he was at that particular time in his life, and where our family was living at the time. In this photo, she’s probably not quite a year old, which makes him about 26 or 27, depending on the month it was.

In the background is one of his many Volkswagen Beetles (edit: my mom says this photo was from a trip to Germany, and this is a rental car). He loved Beetles, and seemed to always have one. I’m not sure Continue Reading »

Visiting Colton in Seattle

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Gas Works Park, Seattle, WA c. 2009

We have fond memories of my folks traveling by car from Apple Valley to Seattle to visit their Pacific NW grandson – Colton. This photo was taken on an early evening summer night at the Gas Works Park. Papa really enjoyed this park and captured many beautiful shots as the sun was setting over South Lake Union.

– Derek

Way back to 1974

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For more details on this photo, please see my family site over here.

Showing his TLC

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Holding a sleeping 6 wk old Brody. (c. July, 2008)

Another one of my favorite photos of my father. Here he’s holding my son, Brody, who was just a tiny little 6-week-old at the time. I’m so glad that I got this photo of him being so tender and loving. It’s a perfect representation of how much he loved all of his grandchildren.

I have some photos of him from when all of us kids were tiny like this. I’ll be scanning them in and posting them soon.

Gymnastics Photos

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on the pommel horse (New York, c. early 1960s)

Horst was a fitness nut his whole life, all the way up until the end. Gymnastics, running, biking, triathlons… he did them all. Even up until April 2010, he went on daily walks through the local golf course at dawn.

From when I was just a little boy, I remember him being an avid runner; waking up super early in the New York suburbs to go running in the morning before we went to school for the day. Actually, I mostly remember him returning from his runs, because he would wake up well before all of us kids. In the winters he would wear a beanie and some thick white cotton gloves to keep warm. I called them his Mickey Mouse gloves. Continue Reading »