Christmas 2008 Photobooth

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Lauren and Papa - Christmas 2008

I was browsing my photostream on flickr and came across the photobooth images I did for Christmas 2008. We would normally do the group family photo, but I wanted to try something a little different.

I set up my camera on a tripod in front of a couch, and supplied a remote control to fire the shutter after 2 seconds. I set up a drape behind the couch to keep the background uniform. Everyone was instructed to take at least 3 or 4 photos of themselves, or sitting with someone else. They were encouraged to take more than that if they wanted to. Continue Reading »

First time he held his first grandson

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The first time holding his first grandson

My heart was filled with so much emotion, when I introduced JJ to Papa and mommy.  I knew Papa was thinking about the photos he was going to take of JJ and he took some priceless ones.  That is one thing I am going to miss deeply; my Papa, capturing the innocence of my son, his grandson, JJ in his photos.

– Stephanie


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while playing with our grandson J.J. a few month ago, I happened to look up & couldn’t resist grabbing his little rake to do a little gardening in the sky……

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golden morning hour

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there’s a certain peacefulness early in the morning on my favorite golf course. please view large to really experience this atmosphere…it will take you there.

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Papa and Brody, Christmas 2008

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Christmas 2008

Horst with youngest grandkid, Brody.

let’s paint the town

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don’t you wish sometimes you could change the image of your town……???…..well then, here’s your chance…….what do you want it to be…..???

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Woody & His Magnificent Flying Machine

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hearing all the bad news about “cancelled flights” ……Woody took matters into his own hands & built this “Ultralight”….he took off early this morning in his home-made ‘Flying Machine”…..heading towards Cape May, New Jersey………where he had soooo much fun last year with all the Flickr ladies………this time he’ll be meeting with: JudeLucyJanTrishLauriePaulinaMaureen……..

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Clean Up

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every now & then the sky needs to be cleaned

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