With his first kid, and one of his favorite cars

Posted September 23rd, 2010 in Photos of Horst by neil

Horst with his first child, daughter Stephanie. c. 1966 Germany

Here’s a nice photo of Horst with his first-born of four children, daughter Stephanie. One thing that my father and I had in common was that we were both 25 years old when we had our first child, and we both had a daughter first. Well, he had just turned 26 one month before she was born, but close enough. I always thought that was pretty cool; I would love to compare my current age to how old he was at that particular time in his life, and where our family was living at the time. In this photo, she’s probably not quite a year old, which makes him about 26 or 27, depending on the month it was.

In the background is one of his many Volkswagen Beetles (edit: my mom says this photo was from a trip to Germany, and this is a rental car). He loved Beetles, and seemed to always have one. I’m not sure Continue Reading »